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How to use single name on Facebook (2019)

Hi guys, are you looking for ways to use single name on Facebook, if yes you are on the right track.

Facebook only allow Indonesia people to use single name but with some simple trick you can change it yourself.

single name on facebook So, you will need the following tools, a VPN (Virtual Private Network ) application and an Indonesia IP address.

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After you have that, let get started with the following steps.

Steps to change your facebook name to single name.

    1. Turn on your VPN, you can use Windsribe, HideMyAss, ZenVPN and many other vpn app
    2. Login to your facebook account Login to Facebook here
    3. Go to Settings and Privacy, click on Language, then select language you’d like your post to be translated into, search and select Tamil as your desired Language so as to change to single name on facebook.
    4. Use google chrome for easy translation of the webpage, if you cant find Tamil, that means your ip has not yet been changed.
    5. After changing the language, go to Settings and Privacy again, Select Personal Information or General,  Click on edit button beside the name.single name on facebook 2019
    6. Delete and edit the name to choose your favourite single name on facebook.
    7. Click on review to submit your name to facebook for reviewing
    8. In this step too you need to Enter your Password so as to save changes. You can change your language back to English after completing the step successfully.

You have successfully changed your name to a single name on facebook.

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If this step did not work I recommend you to use ZenVpn because it work well, Just use it to Change your IP address from your current location to Indonesia.


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